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It's good for you

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 2 2008 | Verified Purchase

There is virtually no limit to the amount of charcoal you can swallow, so if it works for you, go for it. I have 8 capsules a day in an attempt to reduce cholesterol (unproven yet) and control digestion (that is is 100% proven and has been in use for hundreds, if not thousands, of years). The only thing to watch for is NOT to swallow your charcoal within 2-3 hours of some vital medicines you may be on, since charcoal would reduce or cancel their effects.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great for headache, nausea and to absorb any toxins.

Posted by iHerb Customer on December 1 2007 | Verified Purchase

I take 1 capsule every morning to absorb toxins. It really helps with nausea and headaches and dizzy woozy feelings. I have late stage chronic lyme disease.

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Country Life, Charcoal, 260 mg (4 gr.), 100 Capsules

Posted by noneofyourfrigginbusiness on February 27 2009 | Verified Purchase

Charcoal is safe. Toxicology studies have proven that activated charcoal is basically harmless. Activated charcoal is highly absorbent; however, when it is ingested at the same time as medication, supplements and foods it may decrease their absorption and utilization. Therefore, always allow 2 hours before and wait 2 hours after using activated charcoal to eat, take supplements or swallow medication. The regular use of activated charcoal improves the adaptive functioning of essential organs (the liver, kidneys, and adrenals). That translates into better defense mechanisms. Please Note: The presence of the amino acid supplement N-Acetyl-Cysteine ("NAC") reduces the ability of activated charcoal to absorb acetaminophen ("Tylenol").

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A real life saver

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 23 2008 | Verified Purchase

I get many food allergies (some I didn't even know I had) and when I get a reaction I take a couple of these and they help to counteract the reaction and soon I am feeling better. I also got a nasty spider bite and used these to help absorb the poison from it and within a short time (about a day later after taking 3-4) the hole in my leg from the bite started getting better. Good to keep on hand for a stomach upset too as they help to make it better.

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Country Life, Charcoal

Posted by iHerb Customer on April 26 2009 | Verified Purchase

Charcoal is a staple in my medicine cabinet. I have used it for digestive problems, after becoming nauseated from eating something that turned out to be off, flu, gastrointestinal upset and the list goes on. I have even used it for our dog when his bowel has been loose. A product I would never be without.

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Country Life is a quality brand

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 18 2010 | Verified Purchase

I bought this to troubleshoot digestive systems. Works well-

Thanks for your feedback!

Absorbs toxins, helps with MCS and the flu

Posted by PurplePegasus on April 30 2012 | Verified Purchase

I bought this for many reasons. Currently doing a liver detox and it helps phase 2, to carry the toxins away; I also take this when there's a chemical attack wafting in my direction and it really helps tone down the horrendous symptoms. (I have MCS or severe chemical allergies due to severe hypoadrenalism). I recently had the flu. I read that a good remedy is cayenne pepper + charcoal together to absorb the toxins caused by the flu and the cayenne helps nuke the flu. It really helped calm down my symptoms. Basically charcoal mops up toxins from chemicals, viruses, parasites and candida but it needs to be taken 2 hours away from taking supplements as it tends to absorb them and carry them out of the body. This is tricky for someone like me who takes so many supplements. I've taken charcoal in the past to deal with food poisoning. It's good for everyone to have in case of emergency, so don't deprive yourself. It also is shelf stable, lasts a long time!

Thanks for your feedback!

Stops IBS symptoms in their tracks

Posted by fromstrawtomore on September 12 2012 | Verified Purchase

Charcoal is a mainstay in my supplement drawer due to mild IBS. I take a couple at the first sign of a flare up (gas, loose stools) and it does help. Be aware that it does blacken stools and can increase constipation. Also the capsule shell is made from gelatin so vegans will need to look elsewhere.

Thanks for your feedback!

LLMD recommended to help with toxins, herxes

Posted by WildSweetVermont on June 11 2012 | Verified Purchase

Someone in my life has chronic Lyme, and is finally seeing a Lyme literate MD (LLMD) after many years of misdiagnosis and lack of treatment. I had only heard of activated charcoal being used in hospitals for people who overdose on medication, so I was skeptical. The charcoal binds the toxins and helps to pass them out of the body. It binds whatever else as well, so take a couple hours apart from whatever medication and supplements you are taking, with plenty of water. I have used internally and broke open a capsule to use externally on spider bites, etc. Please do not EVER put off going to the ER for any medical emergency. An important addition to any medicine cabinet. Remember to always check with your own doctor to make sure that a supplement is right for you and won't interfere with other things you are taking, etc. Heal well! :)

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by iHerb Customer on August 25 2010 | Verified Purchase

Good for tummy troubles and gas. Took another brand for years, but sure this will work the same.

Thanks for your feedback!

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